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Team Profile

Mercer Motorsports Enterprises L.L.C. is a professional motorsports racing team coupled together with a dynamic marketing business. We specialize in helping our business partners grow relationships, create brand value, and drive sales in the expanding automotive off-road and aftermarket performance parts industries. 

Our professional off-road racing team is based in Suwanee, Georgia and is led by Ken Mercer, the team's owner and driver. Ken competed for several years in the World Extreme Rock Crawling Championship Series (W.E.ROCK) as Team # 770 in the Unlimited class. In 2006 we were designated a Professional Team by the W.E.ROCK sanctioning body. 

In 2007 we shifted gears to compete in the exciting new sport of Xtreme Rock Racing. In our first racing season with the Xtreme Rock Racing Association (XRRA), we finished in 7th place in the newly established XRRA Eastern Division, and 15th place overall among the 50+ teams in the nationals series. 2008 promises to be an even more exciting year for our team as we carry this momentum forward with a solid foundation and plans to be among the top 10 teams in the XRRA.  

Ken "doc" Mercer is a life-long racing fan. It all started at the age of 10 with his first racing go-cart and has evolved over time to include motocross, and off-road racing. Always an avid outdoorsman, Ken has also been very active in the local and regional off-road enthusiast community over the past 10-years, having recently served as President of one of the largest and most active Jeep clubs in the country. Ken also served as Director of land use and has worked closely with the U.S.F.S. to coordinate numerous trail clean-up efforts in order to promote a positive image and help preserve access to public lands for off-road recreation. Ken also served as President and C.E.O. of Atlanta Off-road Enthusiasts, Inc., a non-profit organization dedicated to education and promotion of safe and responsible motorized off-road recreation.
Leading Mercer Motorsports today, Ken draws on a successful business career spanning 23-years of professional and leadership experience in the Information Technology Services Industry.

Team Co-Driver and Lead Fabricator is Rob "Tin Bender" Park. Rob brings a wealth of talent, experience, expertise, and credibility to our team.  Owner of Fabrication Unlimited Squared, L.L.C. and considered to be one of the very top fabricators in the industry today, Rob has built many of the high-profile vehicles used by the top teams in the sport. Rob's specialty is chassis and suspension design and fabrication, and the level of quality and attention to detail evident in his work is unsurpassed.

Rob's vehicle build-up projects receive significant media coverage and are always popular and admired among professional fabricators as well as enthusiasts looking to pick up new design ideas and fabrication tips. Highly respected by all in the sport, Rob's work has also been recognized by Dirtsports Magazine's coveted "Masterpiece in Metal" award. Also a very experienced and talented driver and competitor, Rob brings a valuable level of championship winning experience to our team.

Goals and Objectives

Mercer Motorsports operates under a simple philosophy with one clear objective.  We strive to grow and improve every day in order to become valued ambassadors for our sport and our business partners. Our objective is to compete with ferocity and Win with integrity and professionalism.